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Learn More About Oak Lawn, IL

Oak Lawn is a village in Cook County, Illinois. It is recognized for its plethora of parks and recreational activities. It holds the 38 acre Centennial Park and over 300 acres of parks, recreational facilities, and open land. All of this open land includes walking paths, baseball fields, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. Oak Lawn also holds an 18-hole golf course as well which brings its total number of parks to 22.

Recently, an Oak Lawn resident was arrested after a gun fight broke out. Allegedly after police arrived at 21-year old Kenneth Green’s home, they knocked and announced that they had a search warrant and Mr. Green responded by firing shots through a closed bedroom door. Two police officers were shot in the leg and they returned fire. Mr. Green was not hurt and was soon apprehended. There were several people in the bedroom along with Mr. Green including a 3 year old child. Kenneth Green is being held without bail at an Oak Lawn jail and is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

Oak Lawn is served by the Circuit Court of Cook County. The Circuit Court has several divisions such as the law division which is further divided into the chancery division, criminal division, domestic relations division, probate division, and juvenile division. The court also consists of the county division and child protection division, which is further divided much like the law division. In order to understand which division you should report to and the rules and laws for each division it is important to have an experienced Oak Lawn attorney by your side.

Oak Lawn lawyers practice in many areas of law including civil rights, labor, criminal, and family law.

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