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Learn More About North Chicago, IL

North Chicago is located 32 miles north of Chicago, in Lake County, IL. The largest naval training facility, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, is located in North Chicago along with a sizable Veterans Administration hospital. The city was home to the famous singer, Chaka Khan, as well as NBA all-star Shawn Marion.

In 1937, a strike in the North Chicago-based Fansteel Metallurgic Company led to a landmark Supreme Court decision that held sit-down strikes to be illegal. Currently, the city is known for pharmaceutical development, as Abbott Labs’ United States headquarters is located less than 2 miles away.

The qualified lawyers in North Chicago can assist you with a variety of legal issues including divorce, bankruptcy, and drunk driving (DUI) among others.

Illinois uses a three-tiered court system including a Circuit Court, Appellate Court, and Supreme Court. The Circuit Court has several divisions including family, criminal, misdemeanor/traffic and juvenile. North Chicago is a part of the 19th Judicial Circuit, located just 3 miles north, in Waukegan, IL.

Illinois recently enacted a ban on smoking in nearly all public places. This includes offices, bars, schools, theatres, shopping centers, clubs, and museums. North Chicago is committed to the strict enforcement of this law and ensuring that the city adheres to the state-wide smoking ban.

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