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Learn More About Romeoville, IL

Romeoville, IL rocks! Located in Will County, Romeoville has prospered for many years in the past due to stone quarrying. It was a major source of building materials such as limestone that were transported by the trainload. Its progress was further boosted when Congress decided to construct the Illinois and Michigan Shipping Canal. As it was located near Des Plaines River, it benefited immensely from the increase of trade that the canal brought. Nowadays, 39,680 people live in Romeoville or “Romeo” according to the 2010 census.

One famous lawsuit from this city involves a man being injured by a drunk person at a bar. Andy Parker sued the Shooters Sports Bar and Liquors in South State Street after a drunk patron stabbed him with a knife. Parker filed his lawsuit under the Illinois Dram Shop Act, which makes alcohol-selling businesses liable for injuries caused by customers intoxicated by alcoholic beverages.

Do you have a legal concern but feel like you hit a stone wall? You may visit the White Oak Library and the Will County Courthouse. These two establishments have free resources that can help you learn more about your legal issues.

If you need the help of a lawyer, legal help in Romeoville is only a stone’s throw away. Romeoville has two law firms that can provide you with the pro bono legal services you need: Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. and DuPage Bar Legal Aid Service. Their offices are located in Joliet and in Wheaton, respectively.

Law firms in Romeoville offering pro bono services may be too overworked since many people often can’t afford to hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer may be your best option if your legal concern is urgent. LegalMatch can help you find a qualified and experienced lawyer. Just post your case at for free.

In addition, the LegalMatch Law Library is a wide collection of legal articles that may provide you the information you need for your case. Select from the immense number of free resources online to learn the ins and outs of your legal concerns.

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