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Learn More About Oswego, IL

Situated in Kendall County in Illinois, Oswego is a village with an estimated population of 30,355. It is also the largest municipality in the county.

Oswego’s history goes back to 1837 when its citizens had to cast a vote to decide on the village’s permanent name since it used to be called “Hudson” and “Lodi”. The village then grew into a hub for 3 state highways, which were Illinois Route 31, Illinois Route 25, and Illinois Route 71 in 1852.

According to the 2010 census, there are about 8,027 families residing in Oswego, with the racial makeup consisting of White, African American, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Latino. The village has a per capita income of $27,204.

When it comes to the village’s educational system, Oswego is primarily served by the Oswego Community Unit School District 308 and the Yorkville Community Unit School District.

Oswego has also gained a few recognitions over the years, and one of them came from CNN/Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Towns to live in 2011, where the Illinois village was ranked at number 58. This award was based on economic strength, job opportunities, safety, and other relevant factors. Aside from this, Kendall County, in general, has almost always been ranked as one of the fastest-growing counties.

Recently, the Oswego Police published a press release about the armed robbery that occurred in the Verizon Wireless Store. Initial investigations stated that two armed men entered the store and took property from the employees. One of the suspects was detained and later released for further investigation. The Oswego Police Department still has an active investigation to pursue the vehicle that was used by the suspects. The police are also asking its residents to cooperate by contacting Kendal Crime Stoppers should they acquire any relevant information that may help lead into the robbers’ arrest.

Aside from visiting the official city website to get helpful news, Oswego residents may refer to The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, Inc. if they want free legal information and advice.

If you are facing critical legal issues, it is always best to rely on the expertise of an Oswego lawyer. You may go to and post your case. Give a brief description of your problem and receive replies from the top lawyers in Oswego capable of handling your case. They can evaluate your case and provide an offer that will be best for your needs.

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