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Learn More About Gurnee, IL

Gurnee is a Lake County village that is home to 30,000 residents who live half way between Chicago and Milwaukee. Gurnee is known for playing host to a large percentage of Chicago Bears teammates like Devin Hester. The most popular Gurnee attraction is Gurnee Mills which is the 4th largest mall in Illinois and offers a zoo, ice arena, water park, as well as restaurants and shops.
Gurnee is home to lawyers who are familiar with practicing in local Lake County and Illinois State courts. Lawyers in Gurnee advise on a variety of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, immigration visa, and criminal issues like DUI and felony cases.
Recently in Gurnee, 23-year-old Joshua Britzman was charged with a Class 2 felony, ordered to undergo sex offender treatment, and register as a sex offender. Britzman was formally charged with aggravated sexual assault for having sex with a 15-year-old in his Gurnee apartment. He also will serve 18 months of imprisonment and 30 months of felony probation.
If you have a divorce motion to file in Gurnee then you will probably be heading to the 19th Judicial Circuit Court that serves Gurnee and Lake County. Illinois State Circuit Courts are the highest level trial court and exclusively handle many different cases including, criminal, civil, small claims, probate, juvenile, real property, tort, contract, and mental health cases that arise in Gurnee. If you’re looking to file bankruptcy then you will be paying a visit to the Northern Illinois U.S. District Court.
LegalMatch is the premier source of finding bar certified Gurnee lawyer. LegalMatch also offers research materials like an online Law Library, Forums, and tips on selecting a lawyer in the Legal Center. LegalMatch’s library has over 4,000 articles and will likely have one explaining the issues surrounding your case.
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