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Learn More About Morton Grove, IL

Morton Grove, named after the banker Levi Parsons Morton, was incorporated in 1895. Early settlers witnessed prairies of tall grasses and wildflowers in the village. Later, these original prairies were utilized for agriculture.

People from Chicago came to the village to gamble and play slot machines at the roadhouses. When the depression hit the community, acres of land were purchased from failing companies. In the 1940s, research and development companies and industrial plants began to operate.

Morton Grove’s biggest advancement began in the 1950s when the village developed a quiet suburban atmosphere and a peaceful community. People from other countries in pursuit of the American Dream have found a home in this village. Since then, Morton Grove became the first community to restrict the private possession of handguns in the city. At present, the city government continues to ensure its community’s health, welfare, and safety.

In 2018, six men including a Morton Grove resident were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery affecting interstate commerce. Court documents state that the six defendants took $30,000 in cash and over 100 pounds of processed marijuana. Police officers arrested the defendants after a high-speed chase.

The case is an excellent example of how the FBI shows support and commitment to working with local law enforcement partners. The combined efforts continue to reduce violent crime and in the neighborhoods, making it a safer place for everyone.

People who are facing legal issues may seek assistance from the following pro bono clinics near Morton Grove:

  • Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic
  • Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic
  • Worker Rights Center, Chicago Interfaith Committee on Worker Issues
  • Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, Inc.
  • Civil Court Clinic for Orders of Protection Pro Bono Advocates
  • Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation
  • Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
  • The Roger Baldwin Foundation of ACLU, Inc.
  • Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR),
  • Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Chicago Area

These clinics provide legal counseling and other services to indigent people. Their pro bono lawyers practice in Consumer, Elder, Employment and Juvenile Law, Bankruptcy, Civil Rights, Consumer, and Criminal, Education, Estate Planning, Healthcare, Real Estate, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Immigration, and Landlord Tenant, and Family Law.

Today, the number of people in need of pro bono services is surprisingly increasing. People who do not qualify for these services can find local and competitive lawyers in your area.

LegalMatch Morton Grove Lawyers can help you in this difficult and life-changing decision. If you are in need of legal representation, you can post your case at You will receive responses from pre-screened lawyers after you present your case. You will be recommended to wait for responses from different lawyers. You can then make the initial step of choosing the lawyer who you think can best handle your case.

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