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Learn More About East St. Louis, IL

The city of East St. Louis, Illinois, is directly across the Mississippi River from the larger city of St. Louis. One of the most notable features of East St. Louis is the Gateway Geyser. This fountain is a counterpart to the world famous Gateway Arch and shoots water into the air to a height of 630 feet, the same height of the Gateway Arch.
If you are facing legal charges in East St. Louis, there are a number of reputable East St. Louis lawyers that are ready to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in a number of areas of law including personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, criminal defense, tax, bankruptcy, divorce, child support and more.
Two former police commissions recently filed suit against the mayor and city manager of East St. Louis, accusing the two of discriminating on the basis of race when it came to hiring a new chief of police. The suit alleges that the two, white former police commissioners were both passed over in 2007 for a less qualified black candidate for the position of chief of police for East St. Louis. The lawsuit also alleges that the mayor at one point told the two men that the city was not ready to have a white police chief.
The St. Clair County Circuit Court serves the city of East St. Louis. This trial court is located nearby in Belleville, which is about 20 minutes away by car. The experienced East St. Louis attorneys have the local knowledge about the ins and outs of this court and can play an important role in your case.
To find the right East St. Louis lawyer for your case, you should check out After submitting a brief description of your situation, local attorneys will contact you about your case and ask about representing you. You can have peace of mind because all of the lawyers we work with are prescreened to make sure they are in good standing with the state bar association.
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