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Learn More About Joliet, IL

Joliet sits 40 miles southwest of Chicago in Will County. Founded in 1834, historians are unsure as to the origins of the town’s name. Shakespeare’s Juliet, the French explorer Louis Jolliet, and the daughter of a town settler all are potential candidates.

Undergoing a modern revitalization, downtown Joliet boasts attractions such as the Rialto Theater, a historic downtown movie-house frequented by Al Capone and featured in the Kevin Bacon movie Stir of Echoes.  With a rapidly growing population of 145,000, Modern Joliet continues to expand in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the country.

Joliet lawyers can help you in bankruptcy law , divorce law, personal injury law , real estate transactions, wills and trusts law, and a variety of others. Joliet attorneys are currently litigation a sexual molestation case against a local Catholic church and its diocese. The plaintiff alleges that a now deceased Joliet diocese molested him as a young boy, causing him future problems in life with gambling, drugs, and depression. The church is charged with failing to supervise its diocese and with a general conspiracy to cover up rampant charges of sexual abuse.

Joliet attorneys practice in the Wills County court system. They are familiar with the various rules and procedures of the civil division, criminal division, and traffic division. Local lawyers also will know other Joliet attorneys, judges, and court staff. This local experience could come in handy in a variety of ways, such as in settlement or referring you to another attorney for a different matter.

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