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Learn More About Weston, FL

Although a young city founded in 1996, Weston was ranked as one of the “Top 100 Places to Live” by in 2008 and also earned the 20th spot in Money Magazine’s “Biggest Earners” rankings. As a part of Broward County, Weston is a master planned family oriented community which rests on the eastern coast of Florida. Day spas, country clubs, and a wide range of restaurants draw Weston residents and visitors from throughout the country.

Weston FL Lawyers

Florida is currently the only state with an outright ban on gay and lesbian couples adopting children.  However, in Florida cities like Weston, it is still legal for same-sex couples to have foster children. Litigation is pending and new rules are being proposed all the time, so you should consult with a local Weston attorney first if you are a gay or lesbian couple and interested in adopting a child.   
Lawyers in Weston are not only able to assist you with child custody matters; they are also trained in trusts, wills, employment, bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal law. It is important when searching for legal assistance to select someone who has experience in Weston and its court system. You may find it difficult to select a lawyer in Broward County because it is the fifth most populous county in the entire United States.
Attorneys in Weston must pass the Florida Bar exam to become licensed. However, it is optional for Weston attorneys to join legal organizations, such as the Broward County Bar Association or the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.
The easiest way to find the appropriate accredited lawyer in Weston and throughout Broward County is by presenting your case at LegalMatch.  LegalMatch provides free matching services, finding you a lawyer who is guaranteed to be Florida Bar Certified and will work hard on your behalf.
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