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Learn More About Seminole County, FL

About Seminole County, Florida

Located in central Florida, Seminole County is the second smallest county in Florida but boasts the 10th largest population. Seminole County is also the fastest growing county in the state, attracting high tech businesses such as Mitsubishi Power, Siemens, and Sprint. Seminole County is positioned as a quiet community oasis just 30 minutes from Walt Disney World and other Orlando attractions, while also only 40 minutes from the beach.

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Information on the Legal System of Seminole County, Florida

Seminole County is party of Florida’s large court system that is compromised of a Supreme Court, five district court of appeals, 20 circuit courts, and 67 county courts. Each of the Florida judicial system has a distinct role on providing for the residents of Florida. The general jurisdiction of Seminole County and Florida is the Circuit Courts. Florida currently has more different kinds of trial courts than any other state other than New York. Most case information and legal disputes run through the Maryanne Morse Circuit Court of Seminole County.

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There are a large amount of excellent and experienced Seminole County lawyers throughout the community. Lawyers in Seminole County can help you with a wide variety of legal issues, such as DUI, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and many more.

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