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Port Orange is a beautiful city that prides itself in its workforce as well as its strong economy. Education is very important in Port Orange and is one of the largest fields of employment there. The city is home to a new campus of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, which is considered to be one of the most influential in the field.

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If you need legal advice while you are in Port Orange, there are many Port Orange lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys are very qualified in many areas of law including DUI, personal injury, insurance, immigration, divorce, business, criminal defense, alimony, and more.
A Port Orange woman recently collected a large settlement from a company who produced asbestos that was linked to her husband’s deadly cancer. The woman’s husband had served in the Navy on board a ship that had asbestos coating on the engines and pumps for three years. Later on in life, he developed a rare and deadly form of lung cancer that was linked to asbestos inhalation. After his death, the Port Orange woman sued the company that made and installed the insulation onboard the ship for his wrongful death. The lawsuit recently settled for $2.6 million.
If you have a lawsuit that you need to file in Port Orange, you will likely have to send your court papers to the Seventh Circuit Court of Florida. It would be to your advantage to hire one of the local attorneys in the city that regularly practices in this court and is familiar with the procedural rules.
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