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Learn More About Palm Beach County, FL

Once the largest county in Florida, Palm Beach County still enjoys its status as one of the most beautiful. Home of the luxurious namesake town of Palm Beach, and of course home to plenty of warm sandy beaches and palm trees, Palm Beach County is a major destination for tourists and new residents alike.

Palm beach County FL Lawyers

Palm Beach County lawyers can help you with whatever legal issue you may be facing. These include criminal defense, immigration, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, family law, wills and trusts, and many more. Palm Beach County was recently named a defendant in a landmark lawsuit filed by the ACLU. Palm Beach County’s low high school graduation rates prompted a constitutional challenge based on a purported state constitutional guarantee to a quality high school education for Florida residents. Lawyers from Palm Beach County are currently duking out the issues in court.
Cases like this generally begin in the Palm Beach County Court system, part of the 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Lawyers in Palm Beach County will be familiar with local judges, court staff, and local Palm Beach County lawyers. This local know-how could come in handy if you have a case in Palm Beach County.
Palm Beach is a home rule county. Florida home rule counties can create their own constitutions that trump municipal laws, which is generally not the case for non home rule counties. Palm Beach County, however, provides in its charter that many municipal ordinances do nonetheless overrule Palm Beach County ordinances.
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