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The city of Miramar is named after the Miramar district of Havana, Cuba and the city’s official motto is “Beauty and Progress.” The city has one of the highest population percentages of Jamaicans in the United States. Also, Spirit Airlines has its headquarters in Miramar.

Miramar FL Lawyers

If you are facing legal charges in Miramar, you should probably talk to one of the many experienced Miramar lawyers. These legal professionals represent their clients in many areas of law such as divorce, DUI, criminal defense, contracts, civil rights, alimony, wills and estates, real property, personal injury, and more.
A judge has recently dismissed the lawsuit of a Miramar woman brought against her husband for half of his lotto winnings. The man, who is a mechanic for American Airlines, was part of a weekly pool at work that would collect money and buy lotto tickets. On this occasion, the pool hit and the $10 million jackpot was to be split between 17 people. When the Miramar man learned of his good fortune, he went home and turned off the TV and disconnected the phone, allegedly so that his wife would not find out. When the wife got a postcard in the mail that congratulated the man on the purchase of his new home, she got very suspicious. She sued her husband for half of his lotto winnings, but a judge recently dismissed her case, finding that there is no Florida law that entitles the woman to half of her husband’s lottery winnings.
If you have a case that arose in Miramar, or have been sued in Miramar, you will most likely have to report to the 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and can use their knowledge of its workings to your advantage.
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