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Learn More About Hollywood, FL

Hollywood is located in Broward County, in southeastern Florida between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  Hollywood was founded in 1925, and, after experiencing a population explosion in the 1950s and 1960s, is now the twelfth most populated city in the state with over 130,000 residents. Hollywood has a diverse demographic, and is said to best represent what the nation will look like in 2022. Currently, about 27% of Hollywood residents are 55 or older, 13% are 45-54, and 31% are 25-44.  Hispanics comprise 17% of Hollywood’s population, while African Americans make up 13%, Whites 68%, and Asian Americans 2%. 

Hollywood FL Lawyers

Recently, city officials voted to outsource Hollywood’s sanitation department to Waste Pro USA (a private company) in an effort to save the city around $3.5 million. However, another private sanitation company, Southern Waste Systems, sued the city over the bidding process. Southern Waste asked a Broward County Court to postpone the city’s transfer of the sanitation department to Waste Pro until the lawsuit is resolved. However, the court declined this request, and Waste Pro will take over Hollywood’s sanitation duties as planned, even while the lawsuit progresses in court.
Hollywood lawyers specialize in many types of law, including family law, bankruptcy, and health can match you with lawyers who are experts in the legal fields most pertinent to your case. This free and confidential service is available online, and can help you resolve your legal woes quickly and efficiently. 
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