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The city of Coconut Creek has been established as a very well planned community that developed around the idea of residential and business co-inhabiting many areas. Because of this, the city has been able to develop and establish many butterfly parks throughout the city. Coconut Creek was the eleventh city in the nation to be certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat.

Coconut Creek FL Lawyers

If you are engaged in a lawsuit in Coconut Creek, you should probably talk to one of the experienced Coconut Creek lawyers in the area. These attorneys are knowledgeable about many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, child custody, business, contracts, DUI, criminal defense, tax, and more.
An area of Coconut Creek that has been zoned as commercial has become the battlegrounds for a new lawsuit. A developer had planned to build a shopping center on the untouched area of land, but is being opposed in a lawsuit filed by community members and an environmental group. Although the land has been zoned as commercial for a long time, no construction had ever started on the wetlands and the community members had become accustomed to seeing a pristine piece of land. When the development stalled on the new plans, these two groups jumped in to try to halt the construction altogether, arguing that if construction started with no key stores, the only outcome would be destruction of wildlife habitat.
When you go to file your lawsuit that arose in Coconut Creek, you will probably have to report to the Seventeenth Circuit Court of Florida. This court is located in the second largest judicial circuit in the state and employs ninety full time judges. A local attorney can help you when you show up to this court.
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