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About Apopka, Florida


Apopka was originally settled by the Native Americans and the name derives from the word “Ahapopka,” which means “potato eating place.” Today, Apopka has many great attributes that draw residents in every year. For instance, the mayor of Apopka, John Land, has served in that position for over 55 years and is one of the longest serving mayors still in office. As well, Apopka is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in Florida.

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If you have legal problems in Apopka, there are a number of talented Apopka lawyers that are there to assist you. These attorneys are trained in many legal areas including divorce, DUI, criminal defense, personal injury, automobile accidents, wrongful death, alimony, child support and more.

The family of a seven-year-old who was injured at a family entertainment center in Apopka may end up filing a lawsuit against the establishment. The boy had been playing inside of a bounce house in the center in Apopka when an older, teenage boy entered the bounce house. With the added weight of the old boy jumping, the 7-year-old was bounced clean out of the attraction and fell on his head. For a few moments, the boy was conscious and asking for his parents, even though they were standing right beside him. The boy is now in a coma and the parents have been consulting with an attorney about the possibility of filing a lawsuit to cover their son’s medical expenses.

Whether your case is complex or simple, it helps to have a local Apopka lawyer who knows local rules. Although all Florida attorneys can practice law throughout the state, a local Apopka lawyer is familiar with the complexities associated with the 9th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

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