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About Alachua County, FL


Alachua County was first occupied by the Oconees, who were the original Seminoles, in about 1740. Currently, Alachua County is best known for being the home of the University of Florida, the flagship university of the State University System of Florida. The University of Florida offers many undergraduate and graduate degrees, and the school competes is NCAA Division I athletics as the Florida Gators, where the school has collected a total of 22 National Championships since opening.

Alachua County FL Lawyers

Alachua is known for its quaint atmosphere with small town charm.  There are a lot of wonderful shops and boutiques downtown which visitors love to spend time at.  Also, downtown is host to some great restaurants that serve delicious dishes.  A majority of these shops and restaurants can be found on Main Street, so definitely pay a visit when you next visit Alachua!

An interesting fact about Alachua is that it is home to the world’s largest fresh water natural springs.  Therefore, many have nicknamed Alachua a “diving mecca.”

If you need the help of a legal professional in Alachua County, there are a number of highly qualified Alachua County lawyers available to assist you. These attorneys practice in areas of law such as bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, DUI, immigration, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, toxic tort, and many others.

An Alachua County lawyer recently represented a man in his suit against the Alachua County Sheriff’s office. The lawsuit alleged that the man, the former Alachua County Sheriff, was unlawfully demoted from his previous position after an investigation. The lawsuit also alleged that the man was denied his right to have a board made up of other officers review the investigation and subsequent demotion. The judge in the case ruled against the former Alachua County Sheriff because he voluntarily resigned his position after demotion and left the department, thus rendering the suit void. The man and his lawyer are considering appealing the ruling.

Alachua County is served by the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida, one of twenty trial court circuits that serve all of Florida. If you have a case in Alachua County, you will most likely report to this court. Having an experienced Alachua County lawyer at your side when you enter the courtroom can have a significant impact of the outcome of the case.

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