Child Custody and Child Visitation Rights

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Establishing Child Custody and Child Visitation

Parents can establish formal child custody and visitation agreements in one of two ways:


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What Is Child’s Best Interests Standards?

Child custody laws vary by state, but courts will generally consider the “Child’s Best Interest Standard” when considering the custody and visitation rights of a child:

What Are the Different Types of Custody Arrangements?

There are various types of child custody. The most common:

What Are Child Visitation Rights?

In a divorce and child custody setting, child visitation rights refer to the rights of the non-custodial parent in seeing and spending time with the child. The terms of child visitation are usually set forth in a visitation schedule. This would be a court order outlining the specific circumstances under which the child may be visited. For example, the court may choose to designate alternating weekends during which the parent can spend time with their child.

How Do I Modify of Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements?

Child custody and visitation agreements can be modified with the consent of both parents or by court order. Any portion of the agreement can be changed so long as it is consistent with the best interests of the child. Typical justifications for an alteration in child custody or visitation are:

Family courts prefer not to alter visitation arrangements as this can cause new problems, but if a proper justification arises the court will grant a modification.

Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

If you are looking to establish or modify child custody or visitation rights, it is generally wise to consult with an experienced family law attorney. An experienced family law lawyer dealing with the complicated court system and can work to protect your relationship with the child.

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