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The village of Park Forest was originally a planned community designed to provide housing for returning World War II veterans. Since then, Park Forest has thrived as a community and has hosted a “scenic 10” run (recently shortened to “scenic 5”) that attracts runners from around the world. Park Forest is also famous for being struck by fragments of a meteor that exploded over the village in 2003.

Park Forest IL Lawyers

The city has many talented Park Forest lawyers who practice there. These lawyers are skilled in various areas of law including tax, divorce, personal injury, employment, contract, real estate, and many others.
There is currently litigation between Park Forest and one of the village’s largest landlords. Park Forest is suing the landlord for violating the building codes for the rental apartments, but the landlord is countersuing Park Forest claiming that it violated his civil rights. The landlord is claiming that Park Forest is using the code violations to advance a secret agenda to try to keep African American and Latino families from renting the apartments in the downtown part of Park Forest. The village defends that it is only enforcing the code against the landlord because the apartments have fallen into disrepair since they were built in the 1950s.
Park Forest is served by the Cook County Circuit Court, which is just to the north of the suburb in Chicago. Based in one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the nation, this court sees a lot of cases. When you have a Park Forest lawyer at your side, you can feel confident that you have the power of local knowledge of this court on your case.
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