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About McHenry County, Illinois

McHenry County, located on the northern border of Illinois, enjoys a very rich history. The Woodstock Opera House, built in 1889, is located in McHenry County. In 2007, the National Trust for Historic Preservation declared Woodstock one of the nation’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

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In the News: The father of a deceased McHenry County woman recently filed a lawsuit against the estate of her ex-boyfriend, claiming civil damages for the wrongful death of his daughter. The McHenry County man claimed that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend forced her car off the road in Colorado by firing shots at it, and then shot and killed his daughter while she was trapped inside of her car. He sought $50,000 in damages for the wrongful death of his daughter.

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There are quite a few experienced McHenry County lawyers in the area that are skilled in a variety of legal subjects, such as taxation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, personal injury, criminal defense, products liability, and more.

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