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New York City is famous for its commerce, finance, arts, entertainment, international affairs, architecture, tourism, and more. All of these activities and interactions need to be governed and overseen by a complex legal system of city, state, and federal laws.

The term “New York City Lawyer” has become a cliché heard in books and movies, but the need for lawyers in this global city remains as real as ever. There are 23,000 lawyer members of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, including several Bronx lawyers. In such a large and impersonal city, how is one supposed to pinpoint exactly the right lawyer for his or her problem?

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A person looking for a New York City lawyer could flip through the yellow pages, but where is the assurance of honesty and integrity? This is where comes in, a free attorney-client matching service. The idea is simple: you provide the details of your case, and then are matched with pre-screened attorneys who are interested in cases just like yours.

New York City lawyers handle every case under the sun, including family law, criminal law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, and immigration law matters. Most of these lawyers are ethical and honest people, but sometimes with their great responsibility and discretion, New York City attorneys can have a conflict of interest. of particular note is the number of Jewish Attorneys serving New York’s Jewish population (estimated at 9.6% of all New Yorkers). Many are LegalMatch members, as are more than a few Muslim Lawyers.

For example, in a recent case, a Manhattan lawyer stole the sale money from a pizza shop, and its mom-and-pop owners were out $354,900. Or a New York City family lawyer hid proceeds from the sale of divorcing couple’s home and spent $131,000 all on himself. does everything they can to try to eliminate these problems by pre-screening all of their member attorneys.

New York Lawyers usually spend a good deal of time at the New York City Courts, including the trial-level New York City Supreme Court, the Surrogate’s Court, the Civil Court, and the Family Court. A New York City lawyer needs to be very familiar with the complex set of rules and policies of the New York City court system.

On the other hand, you may not want to confer with a New York City lawyer at this time. Your problem may be only just developing, or you may want to prevent a predicted problem from ever arising. If so, has the right resources to help you. Browse and research the 3000+ articles in LegalMatch’s Law Library.

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