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Learn More About Ulster County, NY

Ulster County is located in the southeastern part of New York State, with the Catskills Mountains covering much of the county. Because of its location, there are many parks and forests that are maintained in the county. Ulster County has Minnewaska State Park, Witches Hole State Forest and Sam’s Point Preserve, the later which is home to rare dwarf pine trees.

In the News: Recently, an Ulster County man was convicted of robbing two area banks during 2013. The man will serve two back-to-back prison terms of three to six years each. While the bank robber provided tellers with a note claiming he hand a gun, the man never brandished a weapon towards tellers or customers. At his sentencing hearing, the bank robber asked to apologize to everyone affected by the incidents. The judge was unconvinced of the sincerity of the robber’s apology, noting this was the second and third time he has been convicted of robbery.

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