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Albany County is a great place to live and work and has many institutions of higher learning. Among them are the State University of New York at Albany, the Sage College of Albany, Albany Law School, Siena College, the College of St. Rose, Albany Medical College, and more. Additionally, Albany County has many great parks that its residents get to enjoy on the many sunny weekends.
If you need legal advice in Albany County, there are many Albany County lawyers ready to talk with you. These attorneys are very knowledgeable about many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, tax, DUI, criminal defense, alimony, automobile accidents, business, contracts, real estate, and more.
The death of a young boy in Albany County will most likely lead to a lawsuit against the manufacturer of off road vehicles. The boy was driving his family’s recently bought utility terrain vehicle (UTV) for the first time when he made a turn which caused the UTV to overturn and kill the boy who was not wearing a helmet at the time. The family of the Albany County boy is claiming that the UTV was subject to a recall for being defective and needed to be retrofitted to increase the lateral stability of vehicle. The father of the boy is on record as saying that he would have never bought the UTV if the dealer told him that it needed to be recalled for safety reasons. The UTV and two other models produced by the company came after 46 deaths and many injuries relating to rollovers of the UTVs.
If you have been named in a lawsuit that arose in Albany County, you will probably have to report to the Albany County Supreme Court. This is one of the many trial courts in the New York court system and has the power to hear civil and criminal cases. A local attorney can help guide your case through this court.
To find an Albany County lawyer for your lawsuit, you could drag out the phone book and start calling, or you could save yourself tons of time and visit After submitting some background information about your case into our free and confidential system, local attorneys will contact you about representation. Best of all, you get access to great information like attorney profiles and past client reviews, all to help you make the best decision for your situation.
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