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Learn More About Glen Cove, NY

Glen Cove is a Nassau County city on the North Shore of Long Island that is home to 25,000 New York State residents. Glen Cove is known for having an outstanding diverse population primarily comprised of European, Latin American, and Asian immigrants.
Glen Cove is also home to a handful of knowledgeable lawyers. Lawyers in Glen Cove are familiar with Nassau County courts and regularly take bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, DUI, and real estate cases among others.
Recently in Glen Cove, the largest Long Island corporation, Pall Corporation, agreed to pay $2 million to clean a facility used to manufacture high-tech filters. The Pall Corporation will pay to clean hazardous waste from the soil up to 60 feet below the surface at the Superfund site. Water tested during county investigations in the 1990s yielded a 10 to 740 times the legal amount of carcinogens allowed by state law.
IF you have a lawsuit to file in Glen Cove then you will be visiting a New York State Court. The Nassau County District Court can handle tort, contract, real property, traffic, and small claims cases that don’t exceed $5,000. The Nassau County 10th Judicial District Supreme Court is where most criminal and marriage dissolution cases take place.
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