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Learn More About Elmont, NY

The hamlet of Elmont is located in the northern part of town of Hempstead and is primarily a bedroom community of New York City. Elmont’s biggest draw is the Belmont Park, which holds thoroughbred races on its dirt track throughout the year. This is the track on which Secretariat set the unbeaten world record for one and a half miles on a dirt track.
If you need legal advice in Elmont, you can talk to one of the many talented Elmont lawyers. These legal professionals can give you advice about many legal issues including personal injury, corporations, business, tax, bankruptcy, contracts, divorce, child custody, criminal defense, automobile accidents, DUI, and more.
In 2007, the Walt Disney Company was sued by the owners and jockey of a horse that had died in Elmont in 1975, alleging that Disney was about to release a movie about the life of the horse that violated the plaintiffs’ trademarks. In their suit, the plaintiffs sought to keep Disney from releasing the movie about the “Queen of the Fillies,” a race horse that had to be put down after breaking her leg. The horse is currently buried in Elmont near the flagpole at Belmont Park racetrack.
When you go to file your case that arose in Elmont, you will probably to have go to the Nassau County Supreme Court, District Court, or the Criminal Court.  Because of the large volume of cases that is heard in these courts, it is important to have a local attorney that can help you prepare the relevant evidence for your case and make strong legal arguments in your favor.
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