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Learn More About Saratoga Springs, NY

Saratoga Springs offers many attractions like the Saratoga Race course, the oldest thoroughbred racetrack, and the Saratoga Spa State Park which boasts mineral springs and even a car museum. Saratoga Springs has so many natural mineral springs it has become known as “the spa city.”
Saratoga Springs is such an outstanding community that it shouldn’t surprise you to know it’s also a great place to find a pre-screened lawyer. Lawyers in Saratoga Springs take all kinds of cases; some example cases are chapter 7 bankruptcy, misdemeanors and felonies, immigration, wrongful termination, and personal injury.
Recently, a Saratoga Springs firefighter filed a lawsuit against Saratoga County and Saratoga Springs’ Commissioner of Public Works.  The lawsuit alleges that the firefighter was fired because he feinted at the sight of needles while taking a mandatory paramedic course. A Saratoga County Supreme Court Judge threw out the wrongful termination case because it was found that the Saratoga Springs firefighter did not do as he was asked, “participate to the best of his ability.”
If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Saratoga Springs, you will probably be visiting the Saratoga Springs City Court in the Saratoga Springs City Hall. The city court has jurisdiction up to $5,000 for small claims and $15,000 for real property. If you are to dissolve a marriage, you will have to travel to the Saratoga County Supreme Court in Ballston. This court is also responsible for misdemeanor and felony hearings.
Regardless of where you file, it’s best to have an experienced Saratoga Springs lawyer by your side.  LegalMatch can help, pairing you with a bar certified lawyer, and even guarantee your satisfaction. Check out LegalMatch, plus their other online reference materials like the online law library and forums to learn more about your particular case type.
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