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Learn More About Levittown, NY

Levittown is a hamlet in the town of Hempstead in Nassau County that was the first mass produced suburb and has served as a model 1950s post war suburb for other builders throughout the country. Levittown has been home to Billy Joel, Eddie Money, and political commentator Bill O’Reilly.
Levittown also serves Long Island as a great place to find a lawyer. Lawyers in Levittown take many different kinds of cases, some include: divorce, chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, business disputes, as well as will and trust cases.
Residents of Levittown will likely be directly affected by the outcome of a lawsuit filed against the town of Hempstead. The class action lawsuit claims that current voting practices in Hempstead and its hamlets like Levittown are discriminative and violate the Federal Voting Rights Act as well as the Constitutional equal protection assurances. Currently ballot mailers are intertwined with garbage pickup and plowing services. Hempstead looks at the lawsuit as an opportunity to change its old customs and more fully engage the residents of Hempstead and Levittown with the governmental process.
The New York Court system is comprised of a number of courts and divisions with overlapping and selective jurisdictions, which can be very confusing. Levittown residents who are filing a lawsuit will probably head to the Nassau County Court in Mineola and file with the Civil Court. The county court level, like the Nassau Supreme Court in Mineola, also hears criminal trials. The Nassau Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction over marriage dissolution; however, all other family issues including divorce, child support and custody are handled by the Nassau Family Court in Westbury.
LegalMatch is a free pairing service that matches you with the best Levittown lawyers available. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter provides many good resources for doing some research on your case. It covers all kinds of legal topics like business law, family, estate administration, and criminal threads among many others.
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