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Learn More About Elmira, NY

Elmira is the county seat of Chemung County. Elmira has 31,000 residents which makeup 34% of the total county population. In the 1950s Elmira was a main center for manufacturing and had 50,000 residents and 57% of the county population. Elmira is home to Elmira College as well as the Elmira Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison with 1,800 inmates.
Since Elmira is the county seat, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that there are a number of lawyers around. Lawyers in Elmira represent clients with a wide variety of cases; some normal examples include Chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, DUI, and real estate cases.
Recently in Elmira, a group of New York State healthcare workers filed a lawsuit against the state which is trying to force workers to get vaccinated against both influenzas or face losing their jobs. The workers are uneasy about the H1N1 shot and maintain that it is a violation of their civil rights. New York State Vice President of the Service Employees International Union said that they are taking the wrong approach by dangling jobs to encourage getting vaccinations.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Elmira, you will probably be visiting a court in New York’s 6th Judicial District. Elmira City Court can handle real property cases that do not exceed $15,000, small claims with a limit of $5,000, traffic infractions, and preliminary criminal hearings. Other cases, like divorce, are handled exclusively by the Chemung Superior and County Court in Elmira.
LegalMatch pairs you with a selection of pre-screened bar certified Elmira lawyers and even offers tips section on how to select a lawyer. You may also search for the answer to your query in LegalMatch’s law library.
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