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If you have explored our homepage, you probably know that LegalMatch maintains a comprehensive registry of lawyers who are in good standing with their respective state bar associations. These lawyers have experience in a wide range of laws governing criminal defense, divorce, personal injury, employment disputes, real estate and other matters. What you might not realize is that a great number of these lawyers are also practicing Muslims.

At LegalMatch we understand how important it is for clients and their attorneys to share the same beliefs and morals. Because of this concern, LegalMatch offers you the ability to specify that you be matched only with experienced Muslim lawyers. That way you can be assured that as your case is being argued, you will not have to worry that your legal counselor will make arguments that are opposed to your own values.

In the United States there are several legal organizations which are devoted to furthering the cause of the Muslim faith. For example, the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML) is a legal organization dedicated to promoting the interests of Muslims in law, both for Muslims seeking legal representation as well as Muslims who serve as practitioners of law. The NAML has recently been involved with high-profile cases regarding important areas of law such as anti-terrorism and political conspiracy.

Many additional Muslim legal organizations exist, such as Muslim Advocates, and State Bar associations like the Muslim Bar Association of New York. Although these groups are often on the forefront of national issues, they may not always be the best source of legal representation for more personal disputes such as DUI charges or child custody orders. For these types of legal issues you might be better served by obtaining a local, Muslim attorney through LegalMatch.

All you need to do to get started is to fill out the intake form on our LegalMatch homepage. Simply tell us a little bit of information regarding your case and indicate that you wish to be matched specifically with a Muslim lawyer. After presenting your case, LegalMatch will match you with Muslim attorneys in your area who have experience with the type of legal issue you need advice on. Lawyers who express interest in your case will then respond and inform you of their own experience, basic legal philosophy, and fees. Before making your final decision, you will be able to view each lawyer's profile including past client reviews.

Educational Background of a Typical LegalMatch Muslim Lawyer

Many Muslim lawyers in the LegalMatch database were heavily involved in the Muslim community during law school. A number of them were active in organizations like the National Muslim Law Students Association. These law school associations provide law students with training and information in the various legal challenges that face the Muslim community in America. Lawyers who were involved with these types of organizations often retain a strong sense of justice and equality in their current practice of the law.

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Richard V. San Francisco, CA

Employment & Labor Law

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LegalMatch Family Attorney Mitchell M.

Mitchell M. Cherry Hill, NJ

Family Law

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LegalMatch Family Law Attorney Brigida R.

Brigida R. Dallas, TX

Family Law

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Shazam K. Denver, CO

Criminal Defense Law

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Deborah B. Lansing, MI

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