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Learn More About Staten Island

Founded by Dutch explorers and later ceded to the British Empire, Staten Island today is a large suburban borough of New York City. Staten Island was also where British forces first read the Declaration of Independence.
Attorneys in Staten Island practice in every legal field. A Staten Island lawyer can help you with a criminal case, a personal injury lawsuit, filing for bankruptcy, or even buying a house.

Staten Island attorneys recently filed a suit against New York City’s Administration for Child Services (ACS), a city-run social-work agency. The lawsuit alleges that ACS was negligent in its failure to prevent the tragic murder of a 2 year old child. Numerous domestic abuse incidents involving the child and her family had been documented by the agency, but no actions were ever taken to protect the toddler.

Each borough of New York has its own court system. Staten Island lawyers practice in Richmond County courts, and are familiar with the rules and procedures of the Supreme Court, Civil Court, Criminal Court, Family Court, and Surrogate Court.

Finding an attorney in the Staten Island area can be an overwhelming process. Attorneys that specialize in your specific case can be difficult to locate and contact. Once you do find them, finding meaningful information about their experience and client satisfaction can be even more difficult. solves both of these dilemmas in your search for an attorney. can match you and your case to Staten Island lawyers that are experienced in your specific legal issue. will also provide you unprecedented access to background information on any attorney you are interested in, allowing you to make an informed, confident decision.

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