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Billy Joel and the National Grid USA’s Key Span Energy division bothhail from Hicksville. Hicksville is a Nassau County hamlet that was famous for itsHeinz pickle crops; however, after a blight the farmers were forced to grow potatoes and after WWII was swallowed by suburbia.
Hicksville is a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with local Nassau County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Hicksville admit a broad variety of cases; some common examples include: malpractice, wrongful termination, breach of contract, divorce, and personal injury cases.
Hicksville based Phoenix Laboratories is the parent company of NutraQuest. Nutraquest has seen its setbacks, such as being implicated in the high profile heatstroke death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler after taking the diet pill Xenadrine. After NutraQuest was forced to settle the $600 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by Bechler’s widow and parents, NutraQuest filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Currently, Phoenix Laboratories of Hicksville is planning on producing UltraStrength Xenadrine EFX after buying back the rights to Xenadrine.
The New York Court system embodies a number of court divisions which are confusing. Hicksville residents who are filing a lawsuit will probably head to the Nassau County Court in Mineola and file with the Civil Court. The county court level, like the Nassau Supreme Court in Mineola, also hears criminal trials. The Nassau Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction over marriage dissolution; however, all other family issues including divorce, child support and custody are handled by the Nassau Family Court in Westbury.
LegalMatch is the most dependable method of finding a bar certified Hicksville lawyer. LegalMatch is services are free and offer great resources to help you gain a better grasp of you particular legal issue and the procedure it is likely to require. Check out LegalMatch’s Law Library and Forums sections if you’re interested.
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