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Learn More About Lynbrook, NY

The village of Lynbrook lies within the Town of Hempstead, both of which are located in Nassau County. Lynbrook was incorporated in 1911, and has steadily grown to a population of about 29,000. Lynbrook’s name was formed by breaking down and transposing the syllables found in “Brooklyn,” from which many of Lynbrook’s residents originated.  
Lynbrook residents are served by the Lynbrook Village Court, as well as the Hempstead Village Court, and the Nassau County 10th Judicial District Court. A proper Lynbrook lawyer will know which court is most appropriate for your case. Additionally, an attorney will know the specific procedures you must follow in order to get your case heard in a timely fashion.
Recently, the Tomasello family of Lynbrook sued Intertown Realty Company, whose property manager claims Thomas Tomasello and his roommate caused over $4,000 in damages to the apartment they shared while students at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. The Tomasellos deny Intertown’s accusations, and are seeking a refund of son Thomas’ security deposit. Over the past 12 years, Intertown has sued 93 former tenants for property damages. Although Intertown won 76 of these cases, 42 were by default when defendants failed to answer – perhaps because many such defendants were out-of-state students who had since graduated and moved out of the area. During these same 12 years, 33 former tenants sued Intertown for return of their security deposit, and 24 of them won.
Lynbrook lawyers are equipped to handle a wide assortment of legal issues ranging from landlord-tenant disputes to criminal charges. Get started today by completing a short, confidential intake form, and by researching your issue using the LegalCenter or the following external resources.

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