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Learn More About Clifton Park, NY

Clifton, New York was founded by miners in the 1860’s who came to work in the newly established iron factory. Located in St. Lawrence, New York on the outskirts of Adirondack Park, this scenic village is home to about 800 people.
In Clifton, litigants will usually begin their criminal or civil cases in St. Lawrence County Court which is located at 48 Court Street, Canton, NY. The amount of damages being alleged and the type of case (personal injury, breach of contract, felony, etc.) also controls.
Clifton family law cases are usually handled by the 4th Judicial District’s Family Law Division, while probate cases are heard in the 4th Judicial District’s Surrogate Court. Both the family law and surrogate courts are housed within the St. Lawrence County Court. However, some cases could alternatively be brought in Town or City court.
If you find navigating the court system confusing and need legal representation, an experienced Clifton lawyer can help you determine which of the courts is most appropriate for your case.
To locate a bar certified Clifton lawyer, use LegalMatch. We will match you with an outstanding Clifton lawyer, free-of-charge.  Moreover, you can be confident in your Clifton lawyer’s abilities, since we pre-screen lawyers who participate in our service.  Before meeting with a Clifton lawyer, you may find it helpful to read one of the over 3,000 articles located in our Law Library.  Or, look through LegalMatch’s frequently asked questions.
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