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Learn More About Newburgh, NY

Newburgh is an Orange County city that is located along the Hudson River. The land that is today’s Newburgh was settled in 1609 and incorporated as a city in 1865. Newburgh is home to Lower Broadway which is a popular shopping destination among locals because of the diverse range of stores amalgamated on one street. The Dutch Reformed Church is located in Newburgh and is on the National Historic Landmarks Registry.
Newburgh is home to reputable lawyers who are familiar with the nuances of practicing in Orange County and New York State Courts. Lawyers in New Burgh regularly take a very broad selection of cases which include bankruptcy, family cases like divorce, DUI/DWI, immigration cases, and medical malpractice injury lawsuits.
The City of Newburgh recently doled out $350,000 to settle a personal injury lawsuit that left a Poughkeepsie woman severely disabled. Tracy L. Day was rear-ended on Grand Street by an on duty Newburgh Police car. Day was unable to return to her job at IBM because of the debilitation injuries to her knees and back that she’d suffered. The $350,000 payout is one of the most expensive in recent history.
If you have a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit to file in Newburgh then you will be heading to the Orange County Superior Court. New York State Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over family cases like divorce but also take civil, criminal, tort, probate, mental health, and real property cases. If you’ve got an immigration case in Newburgh then you will be heading to the U.S. Immigration Court.
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