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Learn More About Lockport, NY

Surrounded by the town of Lockport, this county seat of Niagara County, New York has a population of about 20,434.

Like any other NY cities, Lockport is known for its various tourist attractions and activities, which include Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises, Lockport Erie Canal Museum, Canal Discovery Center, Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride, and Ida Fritz Park. It also has a number of historically relevant properties that are registered on the National Register of Historic Places. These known properties include the White-Pond House, Watson House,Union Station, Stickney House, Pound-Hitchins House, Niagara County Courthouse and County Clerk’s Office, and Nancy Ralston Bond House.

Yahoo and First Niagara Bank are also two famous businesses located in Lockport. Some of the noteworthy individuals who used to reside or still reside here include John J. Bagley (former Michigan governor), Raphael Beck (American Artist), John Black (former Milwaukee mayor), William W. Campbell (former senator of New York), Lot Clark and Richard Crowley (former US Congressmen), and Jeremy O’Day (retired player from CFL).

Aside from notable places and well-known people, Lockport had also been famous once for a controversial case in 1948, when the US Supreme Court nullified the city’s ordinance to prohibit the use of sound amplification devices for a public religious activity.

There have also been reports of recent teen rape cases in Lockport and Niagara County in general. Two defendants admitted to the crime and the district attorney has given them interim probation, causing outrage among some Lockport residents. You can find out more information about this 2019 news and other relevant cases in the city by visiting the Lockport Public Library.

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