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Learn More About Oceanside, NY

Oceanside is a hamlet in the Town of Hempstead, located on Long Island. Oceanside was settled by two pastors in 1643 when they followed a trail made by Native Americans that led them east, away from the Dutch that were blocking the way to the west.  A deed of land was granted that included what today now Oceanside.

If you are seeking legal assistance in Oceanside, there are plenty of talented Oceanside lawyers that are available to help you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal defense, divorce and more.

Recently a man in Oceanside was charged with second degree murder for allegedly running over a man with his car after an altercation between them.  The man that was run over had been driving in his car near Long Island, NY and became enraged by the driving of Oceanside man. This resulted in an altercation between the two men the deceased man blocked the Oceanside man at an intersection.  The victim then got out of his car and approached the Oceanside man, pound, hitting the car with his fists.  In an attempt to get away, the Oceanside man made a U-turn and reversed his car, running over the victim in the process.

Oceanside residents will avail themselves of the courts of Nassau County, which is part of the 10th Judicial District of New York.  For civil cases, residents should contact the Nassau County District Court which is located at 99 Main Street, Hempstead, NY. Family law cases are adjudicated in another state court headquartered in Westbury, NY, while probate cases are heard in Surrogate Court which is located in Minneola, NY.  An experienced local attorney can help you determine which of these courts is most appropriate for hearing your case.

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