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Learn More About Rensselear County, NY

Troy is the seat of Rensseleaear County which is home to 152,000 New York State residents. The county is named for Kiliean van Rensselear who was the original landowner who purchased the land from the Mohawk and Mohican Native Americans.
A number of knowledgeable lawyers also call Rensselear County home. Lawyers in Rensselear County take many different kinds of cases; some regular examples are chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, estate administration, and green card immigration cases.
Recently in Rensselear County, a state judge has deemed the Rensselear County sex offender residency law from 2006 is unenforceable. The reasoning behind suspending the county-wide law is because it’s pre-empted by state law. Rather than prohibiting sex offenders from residing within 1,000 feet of a school of child care facility, Rensselear County as well as Albany and Washington Counties have issued a 2,000 foot proximity which has been challenged by sex offender advocate Terence Kindlon.
If you want to file a lawsuit in Rensselear County, you will probably be visiting a 3rd Judicial District Court. While you are most likely to file with the Rensselear Supreme or County Courts which handle tort, real property, civil, and criminal cases, you will have to file with the Supreme Court if you want a divorce.
The best way to ensure you are filing with the correct court is through consulting a bar certified Rensselear County lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch also provides reference materials like an online law library, newsletters, and tips for selecting the best lawyer for your needs.
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