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Learn More About Sayville, NY

Sayville is a hamlet in Suffolk County and located near the town of Islip on the southeast end of New York State. Sayville is home to the Long Island Maritime Museum and Islip Grange, a park with historic buildings like an old windmill and church which were moved to the park.
Sayville is also a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with the Suffolk County and Sayville courts. Lawyers in Sayville take all kinds of cases and are able to assist you with any legal issue; some example cases are chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy, estate administration, real-estate issues, medical malpractice, and work visa cases.
Sayville resident Linda Fisher filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her former son-in-law Michael Young for allegedly killing her daughter. Young and his lawyer failed to respond within the allotted 30-day period which means that Fisher can proceed in getting a default judgment against Young.  Both sides are waiting for a judge to review the case to see which of Young’s assets, if any, Fisher can get.
If you are filing for divorce in Sayville, you will be visiting the 10th Judicial District Supreme Court’s Family Division which has exclusive jurisdiction. The Suffolk County Court is where Sayville residents are most likely to go for criminal cases and civil cases where the amount in dispute is under $25,000.
Wherever you file, LegalMatch is the way to pair yourself with a Sayville lawyer. With a LegalCenter that contains an online law library, forums on any legal issue, and a customer satisfaction guarantee, LegalMatch is the place to go for solving any legal issue you may face.
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