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Learn More About North Tonawanda, NY

North Tonawanda is a Niagara County city that borders the northern side of the Erie Canal and is home to the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum. North Tonawanda is also where Rudolph Wurlitzer developed and manufactured his famous organ and jukebox.
A number of talented lawyers also call North Tonawanda home. Lawyers in North Tonawanda are familiar with local courts and take cases like: child custody, chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, estate administration, and wrongful termination.
Vincent Lesh, Buffalo Stampede owner and concert promoter, has been named the chief defendant in a $60,000 lawsuit filed by North Tonawanda which alleges he and his vendors were selling alcohol to minors during the Gateway Park concert series. Lesh stages free concerts, annually on the banks of the Erie Canal, and was surprised to be raided and sued by North Tonawanda officials who also revoked his liquor license. North Tonawanda has hired a new Gateway Park concert series promoter until the issues have been resolved.
New York courts are separated into different divisions with which you must correctly file. For example, lawsuits are filed with the Civil Division, domestic issues should be filed with the Family Division, and the Criminal Division will summon you if you have pending criminal charges. Because New York State has a number of courts with overlapping jurisdictions, it’s best to have an experienced North Tonawanda lawyer to help you though from beginning to end.
The easiest and most trustworthy method of finding a North Tonawanda lawyer who is New York State Bar Association certified is through LegalMatch. LegalMatch’s website supplies many helpful resources like an online law library, tips on choosing the best lawyer for you, and forums on nearly every legal topic.
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