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Learn More About Franklin Square, NY

Franklin Square is a three-square mile hamlet wedged within the larger city of Hempstead, NY.  With a population of approximately 29,000 residents, Franklin Square is both a cozy place to live as well as a tightly-knit community.  The town first appeared on maps in 1873 and was supposedly founded in 1870 by a farmer named Andrew Hoffman.  However, most historians still concede that the story of Franklin Square’s origin remains a mystery to this day.

Though the town is small, there is no shortage of talented Frank Square lawyers.  Franklin Square attorneys practice in many areas of law, including: employment, personal injury, family law, criminal law, real estate, wills and trusts, and many others.

A Franklin Square attorney recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of an electrician against a property management company.  The electrician received 2nd degree burns due to a malfunctioning light switch located within a building under the company’s management.  The Franklin Square attorney represented the electrician successfully and the suit was settled outside of court.

Those looking to file suit in Franklin Square will be doing so in the 10th Judicial District Court of Nassau County.  Residents seeking to end a marriage or resolve a custody issue will have to file their suits separately with the Nassau County Family Court.  While people charged will criminal violation must have their cases heard before Nassau County’s Criminal Court.  If you’re a resident of Franklin Square, navigating through the judicial system can be a daunting task and you may want to consult with a Franklin Square lawyer who can help.

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