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Learn More About Rome, NY

Rome, New York is located in upstate New York in Oneida County, near Utica. Named after the City of Rome by its Italian immigrants, Rome was originally settled by Native Americans, members of the Oneida Nation. At the heart of Rome’s early economy was its fur trade. Today, Rome is home to, among other businesses, the Revere Cooper Company, a firm established in 1801 which is still contributing to the local economy.
A small city, Rome has a population of about 35,000 people and was rated, in 2004, as being one of the leading small U.S. cities for doing business by Inc. magazine. Rome has twice been named as Tree City USA and is considered one of the top 25 eco-friendly U.S. cities by Country Home magazine.
One of the most topical issues in Rome and in Oneida County today revolves around the Oneida Indian Nation. The nation allegedly owes two counties, including Oneida county, back-taxes on land, as a result of a 2005 Supreme Court ruling that held that land owed by Native America tribes or nations is taxable. Reportedly, back-taxes owed have escalated into the multiple millions. Litigation has been on-going since the 1880’s related to these and other issues.
In a recent settlement proposal, the Oneida Nation would pay $55 Million in exchange for concessions including making acreage owed by the Oneida Nation sovereign and tax-free, and Rome would receive some direct financial benefits from this agreement. The settlement proposal is now being considered for county and state approval as well as for feedback from the public. All parties, including residents of Rome, are hoping that this settlement will close the chapter on this lengthy litigation.
In Rome, litigants begin their cases in a Town or City court, County or District court. The amount of damages being alleged and the type of case (personal injury, breach of contract, felony, etc.) also controls. Family law cases are handled by a separate family law court and include marital dissolution, guardianship and cases alleging domestic violence. An experienced Rome lawyer can help you determine which of the courts is most appropriate for your case or you can access one of the links below for additional guidance.
No matter what type of lawyer you are seeking, whether it is for immigration, employment or family disputes, LegalMatch is here to help.  We have excellent Rome lawyers, and LegalMatch does the legwork for you – saving you the time and the inconvenience of searching for a lawyer on your own.
To learn more about LegalMatch or to research legal issues relating to your case, please visit our online law library.  The websites below offer additional legal resources on Rome:

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