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Learn More About Coram, NY

Coram, New York is a hamlet located on Long Island in the Town of Brookhaven, which is part of Suffolk County. Coram claims a population of about 35,000 people.  Of adults, about 56% are married and the divorce rate at 7.7% falls below the national average.

Coram’s history began in 1685 when the town was established and named “Wincoram” a native American name meaning “a passage between the hills.” One of Coram’s claims to fame originates with the Revolutionary War when a close associate of George Washington, who operated the Setauket Spy Ring, seriptiously burned a 300-ton hay stack collected by the British.
Recently, a Coram resident was arrested for raising fighting roosters. Investigators from the SPCA, Suffolk County division, raided the resident’s home and euthanized about a dozen or so cocks whose fighting behavior rendered them useable as pets. The Coram resident is facing animal cruelty charges, a felony under New York law.
In Coram, litigants will usually begin their criminal or civil cases in Suffolk County District court located at 400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, NY. However, cases could alternatively be brought in Town or City court or in County Court. The amount of damages being alleged and the type of case (personal injury, breach of contract, felony, etc.) also controls. Family law cases are handled by a separate family law court and include marital dissolution, guardianship and cases alleging domestic violence.  Probate cases are heard in Surrogate Court. An experienced Coram lawyer can help you determine which of the courts is most appropriate for your case.
No matter what type of lawyer you are seeking, whether it is for real estate issues, criminal charges or family disputes, LegalMatch is here to help.  We have excellent Coram lawyers, and LegalMatch does the legwork for you – saving you the time and the inconvenience of searching for a lawyer on your own. To learn more about LegalMatch or to research legal issues relating to your case, please visit our online law library.
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