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Learn More About Niagara County, NY

Niagara County is home to the world famous Niagara Falls as well as Fort Niagara. There are many parks and recreation areas in the county that many visitors and residents use daily. In addition, Niagara County is home to Niagara University, which has 3,200 undergraduate students.
If you have criminal charges pressed against you in Niagara County, you should contact one of the many talented Niagara County lawyers for advice. These attorneys have experienced in many areas of law including divorce, personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, real property, wills, alimony, automobile accidents, brain injury and more.
Niagara County recently entered into a settlement with a man who was struck by a patrol car while riding his ATV. The man filed a personal injury suit against the county alleging that he suffered a head injury when the patrol car struck his ATV. In defense, Niagara County claimed that the man was not wearing a helmet and violating many other traffic regulations at the time of the accident. The man claimed that he was unable to work during his recovery, suffered double-vision and short term memory loss. The case eventually settled for just over $300,000.
If your case arose in Niagara County, you will likely have to report to the Supreme Court for the 8th Judicial District of New York in Niagara Falls. This is one of the state trial courts and hears most types of cases. A local attorney can help you in this court. provides you with a great online tool that you can use to get in tough with lawyers in Niagara County. If you have been struggling to find a great attorney to take your case, LegalMatch has a proven online system that works quickly and effectively. Best of all, you can use LegalMatch for free, and we will always keep your personal information strictly confidential.
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