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Learn More About Brighton, NY

Brighton is a Monroe County town that was settled in 1719 and established as an official New York state town in 1814. Brighton covers about 260 km2 today and is home to about 36,000 residents.
A number of Brighton residents are lawyers who are knowledgeable of local court procedures. Lawyers in Brighton admit many different kinds of cases; some examples are: chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate administration, child support, real estate, and personal injury cases.
A woman who lived in Brighton recently filed a lawsuit against the Fire Department of New York. Judith Beyar was Staten Island’s first female firefighter and upon her termination, she filed a $10 million lawsuit against New York State because she said she was a victim of discrimination and wrongful termination. The New York State Superior Court jury ruled that she had fabricated the charges and dismissed the case.
If you have a wrongful termination case in Brighton, you should file with the Civil Division of the Monroe County 7th District Court. There are a number of New York courts and divisions with which it is imperative to file correctly so that you do not lose time or money. It’s best to consult an experienced Brighton lawyer who is familiar with local court procedures.
LegalMatch is a free method of being paired with the Brighton, New York lawyer who is New York State Bar Association certified. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library.
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