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Learn More About White Plains, NY

Nestled in the historic Hudson River Valley just 25 miles north of Manhattan, White Plains, NY serves as the Westchester County seat. White Plains has a residential population of 56,000 which soars to 250,000 during the day as visitors and workers arrive to participate in the city’s business, retail, and cultural activities. Dubbing itself “The City in the Park”, community attractions include myriad gardens, museums, art galleries, and historical sites such as the Jacob Purdy house (which twice served as President Washington’s headquarters.)

Hire the Best White Plains Criminal Lawyer or While Plains Immigration Lawyer

Multiple top-notch White Plains lawyers have made the area their home. Lawyers in White Plains can assist you with a number of legal matters involving business, family, medical malpractice, real estate, or any other matter that you may face.

White Plains attorneys were recently involved in both sides of a personal injury lawsuit where a woman was injured when a dog jumped, smashing its mouth and teeth into her face. The injuries required multiple surgeries. The woman’s lawyer argued that the dog had a “vicious propensity” despite never having before bitten a person. Furthermore, it was argued that the owner knew of the dog’s tendency to jump onto others and that the owner should have taken steps to guard against it. The case was settled at trial.

White Plains is part of the larger New York State Unified Court System. Lawyers in White Plains may file your case in the White Plains City Court, the Westchester Family Court, Surrogate’s Court, or the NY Supreme Court. Depending on your type of case, you may need to file suit at any of these courts. If you have a case that has arisen in White Plains, you may want to consult with a White Plains attorney to help you navigate the New York court system.

Find a Fantastic White Plains Divorce Lawyer can help you to find a White Plains attorney best suited to your case. Our free service provides general information on a number of popular legal topics and lists tips on finding and hiring the right attorney. Our directory provides you with the ability to anonymously review a pre-screened attorney’s background, experience, and track record. LegalMatch can assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to finding the lawyer with the right skill set for your case.

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