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Learn More About Huntington Station, NY

Huntington Station is located in the Town of Huntington. Huntington Station is best known as the birthplace of American Transcendentalist Walt Whitman. A museum on Route 110 honors Whitman as well as the Walt Whitman Mall that is located just across the street.
Many Huntington Station natives are lawyers who are familiar with the procedures of the often confusing New York State Court System. Lawyers in Huntington Station are familiar with taking many different kinds of cases like bankruptcy, child custody, green card immigration, real property, and criminal cases like DUI.
Recently in Huntington Station, Warren J. Vanderwaag was arrested. A motorist tipped a state trooper off telling him that there was a possible drunk driver and provided a description of Vanderwaag’s automobile. A short time later the trooper spotted Vanderwaag and stopped him for careless driving and subsequently charged him with driving while intoxicated (DWI).
If you have DUI or criminal charges in Huntington Station then you will probably be heading to the Suffolk County Supreme Court. The supreme courts in New York are solely responsible for hearing marriage dissolution cases but also take tort, contract, real property, civil, and many criminal cases especially felony hearings. The U.S. Immigration Court in New York handles all visa and citizenship issues.
LegalMatch is the most reliable place to find a bar certified lawyer who can handle you case. They even offer tips on choosing the best lawyer for your case. The forums section offers a venue for posting more specific questions you may have about the law.
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