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Learn More About Rochester, NY

The city of Rochester lies on the original site purchased over 200 years ago by the city’s namesake, Colonel Rochester. Once the home of famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass, Rochester is now a modern metropolitan city. The greater Rochester metropolitan area is the 2nd largest in New York.

Rochester’s roots stem from a famous name.  Similarly, Rochester has been home to many famous faces.  Such names include athletes such as Johnny Antonelli, Ross Barnes, Bernie Boland, Heinie Groh, Any Parrino, Tim Redding, John Wallance, David Walker, Brian Kozlowski and Alan Zemaitis.  Additionally entrepreneurs such as Henry Lomb of Bausch & Lomb, Henry Wells of Wells Fargo and Joseph C. Wilson of Xerox Corporation have all called Rochester home.

Rochester lawyers practice in criminal law, personal injury law, employment law, bankruptcy law, and many others. Recently, Rochester attorneys won an $8.2 million jury verdict against a hospital for negligence. Hospital doctors negligently underestimated the size of the plaintiff’s unborn child and improperly delivered the newborn. The child became stuck in the birth canal for over 3 minutes and was deprived of oxygen. The boy now must live with cerebral palsy and will never be able to speak or walk.

With over 2,000 Rochester lawyers to choose from, finding a lawyer may seem like an overwhelming task. If you have a legal issue, having the right lawyer makes all the difference. can assist you with this important decision. Tell about your issue, and will match you with pre-screened Rochester attorneys who are in good standing with their local bar association. These Rochester lawyers are experts and know how to help you with your legal problem.

If you have a legal problem and need legal assistance in Rochester, Rochester lawyers will know how to navigate the local court system and effectively represent you in the 7th Judicial District of New York.

Before you contact a Rochester lawyer, you may want to do some investigation into your legal issue. The more informed you are the better. offers a host of free legal resources to help you. Check out our extensive Law Library, home to over 3000 articles. Or, peruse our other legal resources, such as our top 20 legal tips. There you can get advice on topics such as helping you understand legal fees, or developing a strategic legal plan.

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