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Learn More About Holbrook, NY

Holbrook is a Suffolk County hamlet that plays host to Heckscher State Park which boasts some of the nicest beaches on Long Island. Hechscher State Park also offers softball field, horseshoe pits, and hiking trails which make it a popular place for tourists and locals alike to have a picnic. Another of Holbrook’s great attractions is the Patchogue Theater that has been an institution in Holbrook since 1923.
Holbrook is also a great place to find a lawyer who is knowledgeable of Suffolk County and other New York State courts. Lawyers in Holbrook take a diverse selection of cases such as chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, criminal cases like DUI, as well as drafting wills and trusts.
Recently in Holbrook, Roy Gross of the Suffolk County SPCA returned to suspect Sharon McDonough’s home where they’ve uncovered 22 more dead dogs. This brings the official count up to 42 animal carcasses that have been found in her back yard. She was charged with animal cruelty after her adult son turned her in saying that the animals were tortured.
If you have divorce motion to file in Holbrook then you will be heading to Suffolk County’s 10th Judicial District Court in Riverhead or Central Islip. District Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over marriage dissolution but also handle tort, real property, felony, and civil cases to name a few. The Suffolk County Family Court can handle other cases like domestic violence and juvenile matters like child custody, child support, and name changes.
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