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Learn More About Troy, NY

Troy is a Rensselear County city that rests on the banks of the Hudson River and was home to the infamous Uncle Sam, Samuel Wilson. Troy is where you’ll find a number of Victorian homes that feature original Tiffany stained glass windows.

There are also many capable lawyers who reside in Troy. Lawyers in Troy are knowledgeable of local courts and take a wide range of cases; some examples of Troy lawyers’ cases include: divorce, chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful termination, and immigration visa cases.

Recently, Troy city officials were served with a lawsuit that was filed by residents surrounding the Second Avenue and Hoosick Street locations where two new Rite-Aid stores are scheduled to be constructed. The lawsuit sought injunctions against the build that extends the commercial zone further into residential areas in addition to wrecking five houses to make room for the buildings and parking lots. However, the lawsuit was thrown out because it was improperly filed and failed to list all parties involved.

If you are planning on filing an action in Troy, the Rensselear County Courthouse will likely be your place of filing. It’s important that you file with the correct division and jurisdictional court so that your case doesn’t get thrown out, losing you time and money. There are many different New York courts and divisions with which cases are filed, including the Small Claims Division and the Family Court which handles matters like divorces and child custody disputes.

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