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Learn More About Commack, NY

Located on Long Island, Commack holds a special place in the local culture. Its Motor Inn is a celebrated haunt for amorous couples, and Commack’s shopping mall was once the home of the New Jersey Nets during the 1960s.
Commack lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, personal injury litigation, and many more.
A couple in Commack made national headlines when an artificial insemination went awry. The Hispanic couple gave birth to an African American baby after utilizing a New York fertilization clinic. Last year a judge let the lawsuit proceed against the clinic, and the suit is ongoing.
If you have a case in Commack, your case will likely begin in the Suffolk County Court system, part of New York’s 10th Judicial District. The district is divided into several divisions, with the Supreme Court having original jurisdiction over the most serious of cases. You should discuss your legal issue with an experienced Commack lawyer who is familiar with the local Commack legal landscape.
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